Tupperware 2 In 1 Chill Freez Set - Turquoise-Freezer Storage-Tupperware 4 Sale
Tupperware 2 In 1 Chill Freez Set - Turquoise-Freezer Storage-Tupperware 4 Sale
Tupperware 2 In 1 Chill Freez Set - Turquoise-Freezer Storage-Tupperware 4 Sale

Tupperware 2 In 1 Chill Freez Set - Turquoise

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What is included?

  • Chill Freez 450ml, 15.7cm (L) x 11.4cm (W) x 6.2cm (H) x 4 units


  1. Made to fit both fridge & freezer.
  2. Nest to save space!
  3. Flexible seal & tab for easy removal.
  4. Curved base for even temperature and airflow.
  5. Comes in two sizes to efficiently store foods in both freezer and fridge.
  6. Stackable and space-saving.
  7. Flexible material makes it easy to unmold the food.
  8. Easy-grip shape.


Chill and Freeze

Keeping the food fresh & chilled is less of a worry with Chill & Freeze Tupperware gift set. The set throws 8 stackable units of varying sizes & heights to accommodate your storage needs. Particularly engineered to maintain the freshness of the food longer, Tupperware gift set also preserves the texture and aroma of the food for the longest time possible. With Tupperware Chill & Freeze set, it’s a breeze to move leftovers from fridge to freezer!


Why Buy Chill & Freeze Tupperware?

Providing the best modular system, Tupperware storage boxes help you organize the fridge and freezer space. Easily stackable, they maximize storage space. The two different sizes efficiently fits both fridge and freezer. Prepare food for a week ahead and store in your fridge using Tupperware gift set. Made from flexible material, it is easy to unmold the containers. Tupperware storage boxes have recessed bottoms that ensure even temperature and airflow.

When empty, the boxes can be nestled into each other to save storage in your cabinets & on counters. Available in two colors pink & lilac, Tupperware gift set has ergonomic design that boasts easy grip shape and flexible seals/tab for easy removal.


The Best Storage Solution

Ideal to keep produce fresh & crisp, Tupperware Gift set offers 8 units with flexible seals. Easy to freeze & thaw food, the boxes eliminate freezer burn, odour & loss of aroma. Either chill or freeze- this gift set is the best food storage solution. Browse through the entire range of Tupperware containers.

    Q. Are your Tupperware dishwasher safe / freezer safe / microwave safe?

    A. Only Tupperware with relevant symbol printed on it are dishwasher safe / freezer safe / microwave safe.

    tableware symbol

    Q. Are your Tupperware genuine? I never saw some of these Tupperware before.

    A. Yes, we shipped authentic Tupperware from Malaysia.

    Q. How long do you take to ship?

    A. We normally take 3-4 business days to process before shipping. 

    Q. How long does the order take to reach me?

    A. The package will be delivered by Auspost and it shall reach you in 10-15 business days.

    Q. Are Tupperware BPA free?

    A. Items sold by Tupperware after March 2010 are BPA free.

    We take 3-4 business days to process before shipping. Shipping takes around 15-25 business days to reach and very much depends on the customs clearance, as we are sending the item from overseas.