How to Tell if Your Tupperware is Microwave Safe?

Microwave oven has become a necessity in many families especially in the urban areas because of its convenience and time-saving features. This kitchen appliance that promotes modern cooking allows one to cook or heat up food in less time compared to traditional cooking methods, perfect for the busy lifestyles of the urbanites.


Other than that, the taste and nutrition values of the food cooked using microwave oven is retained because of its fast cooking method. Needless to say, it is super easy to use, easy to clean and has the defrosting function that defreezes the food and cooks within a short span of time. 



While microwave oven saves you cooking time, it has its limitations such as uneven cooking that results in hot spots and cold spots, microwave oven-cooked food is often dry, no frying function and of course, the most talked about being the danger of radiation if there’s a leakage due to damage on the microwave oven. Not all containers can be used to cook your food in the microwave oven. This begs the question - is your container microwave safe?


It’s all in the symbols 

Tupperware has been synonymous with high- quality products and has become a household name. With health and safety as the top priorities at Tupperware, all the products from the brand are made from materials that either meet or surpass the safety standards set in each country they are sold, this include Tupperware products that are meant for microwave use.


Especially microwavable Tupperware, the materials used have gone through stringent regulations imposed by international bodies including Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory (TSCA) in the U.S, the European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (EINECS) and the Japanese Inventory (ENCS). 


Just like how you would check the expiry date of a food product before making a purchase, always check the symbols usually located at the bottom and the seal of the containers to determine if they are being labelled as “Microwave Reheatable” or “Microwave Cooking”. Microwave safe symbol is usually a microwave with some wavy lines on it, although some containers may use slightly different symbols, the squiggly line is constant. 


Example of Microwave Safe Symbol

What’s in the numbers?

Have you ever wondered what those numbers in the triangles on the bottom of your plastic container represent or mean? The triangle around the number is called the Mobius loop with three arrows looping back on themselves in a clockwise direction, indicating that a product can be recycled. The numbers in the Mobius loop on the other hand stand for the material used to manufacture the product. This is an internationally adopted system called Material Identification Code or some may call it Plastic Resin Identification Codes. Each number from #1 to #7 in the triangle helps recyclers identify the resin content of the plastic products when sorting them for recycling.


Here are what each number represents:

Tupperware products contain a lifetime guarantee so they are not originally intended for recycling. As code system and recycling practices become widely adopted globally, Tupperware has systematically place raw material codes or we called the recycling codes on all its new and existing core products since 2008.

Some of the Tupperware products which are recyclable include Modular Mates, FreezerMates, and Square Round Canisters which are made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE); and Baby Milk Bottles and some Modular Mates containers which are made from Polypropylene (PP). Plastic container that has a #5 on it is made from Polypropylene (PP) and is generally considered microwave safe.

On the other hand, plastic containers with #1 where Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is used to make water bottles are recyclable but not safe for microwave. In addition, Styrofoam and plastic cutlery are not safe for the microwave because they are made from #6 Polystyrene (PS), while products with #7 are not microwaveable too. 


Tupperware Microwaveable Lunch Box allows you to bring your homecooked food to work at ease. You can re-heat your food at work conveniently with microwave and enjoy your food in minutes. Bringing home prepped food is also more hygiene. The lunch box also has an open vent to allow the steam to escape before you pop open the lid.


The 2-Level lunch box lets you separate your food while its airtight and liquid tight features help retain the food taste and prevent any liquid from leaking so you don’t have to worry about spillage of sauce or soup inside your car or in your bag. In addition, the handle is removable and each carrier can be detached or attached easily with just a click. Furthermore, the handle is durable and able to carry up to 6kg in weight with 4 carriers. 


Also check out our FreezerMate series of containers in different sizes, suitable for storing food in the fridge and keeping your raw ingredients fresh and in an orderly fashion to help you save more space in your freezer. FreezerMate can withstands temperature as low as -4F / 20C which means no more freezer burns on your meat. It also features clear windows for you to identify your contents easily and quickly to save time preparing food.


If you’re looking for containers to store food in the chiller, we recommend the Tupperware Snowflake series that are stackable to save space and suitable for dry and wet food like shredded hard cheese, cut fruits, leftovers or favourite dessert and so on as the chiller compartment usually allow you to adjust your desired temperature for the items stored there. Tupperware containers keep your food air-tight so that your content stays fresh and the smell (if any) doesn’t affect other food adjacent to it.  


Stay safe by cooking at home and bringing your own food to work or school during this pandemic. Shop hassle-free for your Tupperware products online by visiting https://www.tupperware4sale.com.au/ today. Look out for the wonderful Tupperware collection and great offers to enrich and simplify your busy lifestyle. 

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