How To Weight Loss Meal Prep Made Easy with Tupperware

Weight Loss Meal Prep Made Easy with Tupperware

Preparing a meal can be a challenging feat if you are not someone who likes to cook. What more if you are on a weight loss plan. We’ve heard many people around us giving up halfway through their weight loss journey because they couldn’t stick to a healthy eating lifestyle. Most of them have one consistent reason, “I have no time to prepare my own healthy meals.”

It is often hard with our busy schedules to cook every single day, even if you’re a stay-at-home mom. You have the baby crying for her next nursing, your toddler just learned to climb, your pre-schooler calling you every 5 minutes to guide him on his jigsaw puzzle, and your teenage son shouting because he can’t find his jacket. On top of all these mothering, you have the floor to mop, the laundry to do, the toys to pick up, and the meals. Oh, yes! The meals for the whole family. If you’re a mother and you’re working, it’s even harder, impossible even, to cook all meals.


Meal prep, short for meal preparation is a wonderful way to save you time cooking every day because you will prepare your meals in advance. You can cook only once or twice a week and still enjoy nutritious meals which will be ready in minutes every day. Another perk of planning ahead is that you can keep track of your meal intake and the selection of food. It is the simplest and quickest way to minimize your tendency to over-consume processed food, snack on junk food, or skip your meals due to hectic schedules.


Some people plan their meals for a few days ahead while some up to a week. It is entirely up to you to decide! To start off with, you need to make a meal plan by first listing down meals you like that are also healthy. Plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also snacks in between meals. Next is to work out the ingredients you will need to cook these meals and then, head to the groceries. Try not to take too long a time to get your meal prep done and make the session enjoyable.


The key to keeping your cooked meals fresh and tasty for later consumption lies in the containers. Look for containers that are suitable for storing in the freezer and/ or microwave use such as the Tupperware microwave storage box. These containers ensure that your frozen food tastes as close, and as fresh as when you have just cooked them. Tupperware microwave lunch boxes are great time-saver as you can toss them right into the microwave from the freezer.
tuppeware microwave-able lunch box

Store your prepped meals with peace of mind knowing that Tupperware Freezer Mates are specially designed for the freezer and they are BPA free. Make sure you let your meals cool off (not more than 2 hours in room temperature) before storing them in these lightweight, durable containers that come in multiple sizes for your storage needs. Furthermore, these containers feature “clear windows” so you can quickly scan the contents. Make your prepped meals segregation for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks even easier by colour coding them with different colour lids.

Tupperware Freezer Mates containers are able to withstand temperatures as low as -4F/ 20oC so you don’t have to worry about unwanted freezer burns. They are also highly stackable so you can prep your meals for 7 days without worrying about storage space. Follow the proper food storage cycle to ensure freshness and prevent spoilage.


When you get the hang of prepping your meals, you will find that staying healthy is really that simple. Eating nutritious, well-balanced food at the right portion is your first step to managing your weight. The right food group gives you the feeling of satiety so that you don’t overeat or snack unnecessarily.  Add some fun into your office lunchtime with Tupperware Lunch Boxes that come in a variety of colors.

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